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Our (Privacy Policy) means the way we collect and preserve our operations and the way we protect your personal information, and it is important that you familiarize yourself with this Privacy Policy. By personal information, we mean information that pertains to a specific person and is used to identify him. We do not take into account any information of unknown source because it is not suitable to form personal information, but we collect personal information from those who wish to use the website or the linked web pages (including, but not limited to, selling and buying goods or when you call by phone or by Email to our User Support Center team). Once you provide us with your personal information, we may be authorized to process this information in accordance with the terms and conditions (Privacy Policy). We may amend (Privacy Policy) at any time by announcing this amendment by posting the modified version on the site. The modified version of the (Privacy Policy) is effective from the date of its publication. Following the publication, your continued use of the site constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned in the modified version of the way we treat and deal with your personal information that you have provided us with. Please check the website from time to time for announcements of any changes to the privacy policy.

(Privacy Policy) covers the following topics

1. We collect your personal information
2. Our use of your personal information
3. Your use of your personal information and other user information
4. Use, enter, browse and amend your personal information
5. Third party websites links
6. Cookies Cookies
7. No to misleading or deceptive emails
8. Protection of your personal information
9. How can you contact us to inquire about (Privacy Policy)

We collect your personal information

You will be registered on the site or used to use it. It will be required for you to provide us with specific personal information such as your name, shipping address, e-mail and / or phone number and other information and types of disturbances about you such as your date of birth or any information specific to your identity. Additionally, in order to document your identity, you may need to provide us with valid proof of identity (such as a copy of your passport, visa, residence permit, national identity, and / or driver’s license). We may also need to collect specific financial information from you, such as your credit card and / or bank account details. 3. You must enter this financial information in the “My Account” section of the site. We will use this information for the purpose of issuing lanterns and completing your requests. When registering on the site, you should not post any personal information (including any financial information) to any part of the site to display the “Account Management” part. This will protect you from the possibility of you being exposed to fraud or theft of your identity information. Also, publishing any of your personal information on any part of the site for “My Account” may result in stopping your use of the site. 4. Information about your operations and activities will be collected on the site whether it is a purchase or sale of goods. Please note that we may use your Internet Protocol (IP) address (a unique number assigned to your computer server, Internet service provider, or ISP) to analyze your activities and improve site management. We may collect additional information about your computer (for example the type of browser) and browsing information (for example the one you visit on the site) as well as the number of times you use the site.

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